Friday, July 13, 2012

Why Buy Unfinished?

Some of you may not know all the benefits of buying real unfinished wood furniture. Why not just buy from Ikea or Target or another place like that? Well, there are many different reasons why people opt to choose real wood; but here is why we decided to open a store devoted to Unfinished Furniture.

1// Durability

Once you walk into our store and view our furniture with your own eyes, it's easy to see that our furniture is made to outlast anything you can buy in those other stores. MDF, particle board, plastic veneer, and plywood are just not made for long term use. You may get furniture made of other materials for less than what you pay for real, solid wood; but you will definitely have to replace it after a few years or less. Our furniture is made to last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Real wood furniture is an investment that will pay off for years to come, as opposed to the "disposable" furniture that needs to be continuously replaced.

2// Customization

Buying your furniture unfinished is such a great option, because you get to choose the "fate" of your furniture. You are not tied down to the options that Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen offers, you can choose any paint or stain or combination your heart desires. Instead of decorating your home around your furniture, you can make your furniture perfectly fit your home. Doesn't that make a little more sense?

3// Do It Yourself

For those of you who like Do It Yourself projects AND like to save money, buying unfinished is a great option, then doing the finishing yourself. We have a great professional finishing department that does gorgeous work, but if you want to tackle a fun project yourself you are more than welcome to do that. You still get to have endless options, but you save on the finishing costs.

4// Natural Beauty

Nothing looks better on wood grain than a gorgeous deep stain to enhance all the variations nature put into making the wood. Any style of decorating works with wood grain, so add a touch to your home to warm up your space with natural elements.

5// Support Local Economy & Small Business

And last but not least, the majority of Unfinished Wood Retailers are small business whose tax dollars go back into the local community. Instead of giving more of your hard earned money to shareholders of large corporations, why not invest it into local entrepreneurs that are your neighbors? You can feel good about getting a personal, customer service oriented experience when you shop Unfinished Furniture Stores.

For more information about buying Unfinished Real Wood Furniture, visit the Unfinished Furniture Associations Website. *Photos c/o Whittier Wood Products, one of our manufacturers.

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